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May 21, 2013
“Some people benefit from chiropractic therapy…” (JAMA)

Yes, they do! And this comment comes from the Journal of the American Medical Association! (1) The JAMA released a new patient page about low back pain. It discusses causes of back pain, diagnosis tips, and treatment and prevention options. Well, your Augusta chiropractor has so much more information on low back pain! It's what we care for all day, every day.

chiropractic quote from JAMABut Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic will admit it's nice to see a positive comment about chiropractic care in a medical medium. Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic is pleased to work with its Augusta medical colleagues to help our mutual patients to manage and control their low back pain. We know our chiropractic treatment protocols and Cox Technic work. They relieve Augusta back pain. Cox Technic has the research to show what happens when it is applied to a low back to relieve the back pain. The federally funded research projects are impressive and on-going.

Now, Augusta chiropractic treatment may include therapies like heat and ice or electrotherapy or acupuncture or trigger point work. Your treatment plan is individualized for you, to get you the results you want in a respectable amount of time.

And just how long will it take for our Augusta low back pain patient to feel better? Usually not long! Together, patient cooperation and our treatment protocol get you on the way to healing. You can exercise and come to your appointments and do the extra at home to keep the pressure off your spinal nerves as you heal. These maximize your clinical outcome!

It's not the first time nor will it necessarily be the last that chiropractic and spinal manipulation have positive comments in a medical media. After all the Annals of Internal Medicine back in 2007 (2) recommended that patients should consider nondrug treatments like spinal manipulation, exercise, massage, yoga, acupuncture, massage and the like before back surgery.

So contact Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic today. As our Augusta low back pain patients … and the Journal of the American Medical Association … know, chiropractic therapy for low back pain does benefit back pain patients.

We look forward to seeing you soon.