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All About the Augusta Lumbar Spine

"Oh my aching back!"

80% of us will say these words at some point in our lives. One in 3 of Americans at any point in time experiences back pain personally. If you are one of the many, you want relief so you can regain your quality of life.

You are in great hands!

If you have low back pain, leg pain, calf pain, buttock pain, even pain that extends into the foot and toes due to any number of painful lumbar spine condition(s), we can help. We have much knowledge of the normal lumbar spine as well as experience with care of the low back. We will share with you what you can do at home to help quicken your healing time as well.

Our experienced diagnostic skills will determine the source of your pain -- with much input from you as to your symptoms and history during the examination -- and what the next step of care is. That next step may be tests or treatment or a combination of both.

Our natural, gentle, non-surgical, chiropractic care guides your spine, muscles, discs, and nerve toward a state of pain-free recovery. We will share with you the documented clinical outcomes you can expect.

We will do our part in examining, diagnosing and treating you in the office and ask that you do your part by adhering to our instructions for at home care. Together, we make a great team to relieve your pain.

We look forward to helping you. Contact Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic in Augusta today!