June 30, 2015
Standing at work with a short leg may lead to back pain. A short leg is usually enough to lead to back pain alone, but standing with one seems to raise your risk for back pain even higher. Lucky you!!

Now Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic isn’t sharing this information with Augusta workers as an excuse not to work! Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic does want to make this risk for back pain known, so it can be remedied and/or even prevent low back pain. So workers who have to stand all day and have some back pain may want to stop in for a Augusta chiropractic examination! The chiropractic care at Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic is thorough.

So what is all the excitement about a short leg anyway? Well, first of all, it’s like having a car with a flat tire. The car won’t go very far that way, will it? Same with your back. If one leg is shorter than the other, extra stress is placed on the spine and all the related body parts. It’ll wear out. As your car goes with the tow truck, your spine goes to the chiropractor! Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic sees a lot of worn out backs! The Augusta chiropractic treatment plan with its Cox Technic gentle spinal manipulation helps these worn out backs.

Now, the latest research article about leg length discrepancy focuses on those workers who have to stand while working – meat cutters and customer service representatives. Researchers measured the legs of standing workers and found that 49% of the meat cutters and 44% of customer service workers had a difference of at least 6 mm. 16% of the meat cutters and 15% of the customer service reps had at least an 11 mm difference. (1) Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic notices how similar these results are in two different types of workers!

So what does this mean? In this study, a leg length difference of 6 mm or more was associated with a higher intensity of low back pain and a higher number of days with low back pain. The meat cutters seem to be more affected than the customer service representatives though.  Also, the length of sick leave due to low back pain was a just bit longer for those with a leg length difference of 10 mm or more. (1)  The researchers note that this isn’t “statistically significant,” but if it’s you who has to take a long sick leave, it’s significant!

So if you stand while working and have back pain (or sit while working and have back pain), make time for yourself to come to Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic for a thorough Augusta chiropractic examination. We’ll be sure to check your leg lengths!

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