Augusta Leg Pain

Finally! A Real Solution to Leg Pain!

 "Where's the pain? Down the back of your leg, making your little toe numb? That tells us just about all we need to know: Your L5S1 disc is most likely pressing on a nerve." Okay, we’ll come clean: at Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic, we find that diagnosing leg pain can be enjoyable.

 However, we get that leg pain is zero fun for you. Especially when you discover that the pain is actually coming from the spine. The question then becomes, "How do I get rid of the pain in my leg if it's coming from my spine?" The answer:

 Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic's Cox Technic

 Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic offers leg pain (aka sciatica) alleviation to Augusta residents with Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression, a non-surgical chiropractic treatment shown to alleviate leg pain - along with associated lower back pain - and help control it.

 Let us have 30 days. Although the point of the treatment is to give you 50% relief of leg pain in 30 days, most patients find up to 100% relief in much less than 30 days. In fact, many of our patients keep on working throughout the treatment process. Simply put, just know that you won't have to receive treatments forever.

 As it is with any medical treatment, the goal is to get you back to normal as soon as we can. To guarantee that happens, Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic checks your progress at every single visit. As your pain decreases so does the frequency of your visits. Over 91% of patients have reported substantial pain relief by the end of treatment - which is a huge percentage!

 Even though no cure for back and leg pain has yet been discovered, we at Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic help Augusta leg pain patients just like you every day. We're convinced you, too, can get relief and control for your leg pain enough to enjoy your life more fully.

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