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About Augusta Thoracic Spine Sprain/Strain


muscle tearing and usually associated with vehicle accidents, falls, lifting, etc. Sprain/strain injuries may occur in the mid back.


Sprain / strain usually * involves just muscle and ligament damage and no damage to facets or discs. No nerve damage is noted. The pain may be present for weeks after an athletic or accident injury and is not something that has hurt recurrently before. These injuries take up to 4 to 16 weeks to heal. Treatment involves maintaining normal ranges of motion for the facets while restricting motion in the beginning. Rehabilitation will be important.

* A special note on "usually" involving only muscle and ligaments:
It is possible that the intervertebral disc itself may be sprained or torn in these muscular type of injuries. Since the disc is very pain sensitive, it also contributes to your pain. A resultant sprain/strain requires up to 3 months to totally heal, like a normal disc herniation, also.

Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic provides a thorough examination routine to be sure the diagnosis is specific to set a treatment plan for the quickest and best recovery.

 Thoracic Spine Exam Description


In office, Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic uses Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression to widen the canal space, drop the intradiscal pressure and increase the disc height to relieve pain.

You will welcome the Cox Technic manipulation that gently "pulls you apart," as many patients describe the treatment or say they need.

  Graphic Animation of Cox Technic - Thoracic Spine
The disc is pressing on the nerve. Note that as the disc herniation reduces, the pinched nerve is relieved. 
 This is an animation of the goal of Cox Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression: reduced irritation of spinal elements enough to relieve pain and help you regain your quality of life. The amount of decrease in size of the herniated disc necessary for pain relief varies from 0% to 100% for each individual patient.

 Cox Technic Thoracic Spine Treatment

In office adjunctive care
may hasten your recovery.

At Home Care

Lombardy Chiropractic Clinic may recommend some at-home care instructions to return you to your pain-free quality of life as quickly as possible.

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